Downwards - My Disco - Environment LP

Article number: DNLP 024LP
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Environment is My Disco's uncompromising album of avant-industrial and synth despair for their staunch allies at Downwards. It was written and recorded during winter in Berlin, 2018, in a studio previously used by Einstürzende Neubauten, Keiji Haino, and Pan Sonic, and channels those heroes' uncompromising aesthetics into a radical departure from the band's previous releases, leaving behind gnashing guitars, cold metallic percussion, and gloomy pads reverberating in derelict, factory-like space. Gutting out the driving, math-y repetition of their prized early work, the Melbourne-based trio now recall the ungodly offspring of Raime and Swans, operating with an increased appreciation of space, rhythm, and tone that will shock even the hardest to please explorers of avant-rock and industrial fault lines. By any measure, Environment is one of Downwards' most singular albums, and a must-check for disciples of proper, unheimlich sonics.
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