Night School - Nilsson, Molly - The Travels LP

Article number: LSSN 017
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The Travels represents a signpost in the continuing journey that is the songs of Berlin-based artist Molly Nilsson. Journeys offer change—the possibility of renewal—and on this album, Nilsson’s resonant voice is found curling around a new sense of optimism and wide-eyed discovery that was only alluded to in her previous work. On this fifth long-player, Nilsson’s perspective is challenged and manipulated by changes in environment and psychological space: like any other traveller the protagonist brings their own set of values and emotional states to new places, coloring them with a wash of subjectivity. Based loosely on Marco Polo’s “Travels” and reading like a map of the protagonist’s geographical and inner journey, this album reveals new places and new emotions that are never the same to the beholder.
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