Not On Label - Cretins Of Distortion #10 Zine + V/A - Miracle Dumbbells 7” Flexi

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The Midwest's premiere fanzine is back at long last with a new, triumphant burst of 11"x17" print menace. Emmy catches us up with a well-penned editorial to kick things off, followed by an interview with the multi-talented Olivia Gibb (Warm Bodies, BB Eye, Miss Lady), then a mass review/re-review of over 150 pieces of Midwest punk that have seen coverage in Cretins over the years. Issue #10 also includes Miracle Dumbbells, a three song flexi disc featuring the new Cretins theme "Imma Cretin of Distortion Baby" by Mark Winter (Coneheads/CCTV/Big Zit), "Ratas En Las Paredes" by Lumpy and the Dumpers, and "He's Got A Pencil (But I'm Gonna Write With It)" by Uranium Club, all bookended with clips of rare, vintage interviews of Iggy and Dave E. It all comes on a nice transparent green disc with a cut-out out sleeve fashioned into the final page of the mag. A truly incredible and inspiring new issue (and mag in general) that really cements the FAN in fanzine, an unparalleled level of regional devotion cut and pasted into one of the premier publications of the last umpteen years. **Ships folded in half due to size.**
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