Not On Label - Μάτι - Demo CS

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Μάτι (members of Haram) has just dropped one of the hottest NYC hardcore punk demos of the second half of 2017. Speaking of 2017, we’ve seen punk begin to open up and begin to allow for the representation of far more types of people of all backgrounds. Still, nothing is perfect and there was the lack of one type of band that was holding us back from achieving a true egalitarian paradise: Greek-language hardcore, baybay! Queen’s finest (Stavros, Petros, Michalis, and Markos Grillios) force listeners to acknowledge the plight of the Cypriot peoples, both of Greek and Turkish descent, with some of the catchiest riffs and impassioned vocals around. No nationalist bullshit, just Μάτι. At the risk of offending the memory of my Turkish grandmother, this demo is the aural equivilent of eating the finest Cyprus Delight. Highly recommended!


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