Nuclear War Now! Productions - Doomed & Disgusting/Sadistik Exekution - Murder In the Dark/Suspiral Demo 1991 7"

Article number: ANTIGOTH256
While most well known for playing bass in Sadistik Exekution, Slave’s solo material depicts obscure and highly unpredictable emanations of a mind unrestrained by, but knowledgeable of, the conventions and trappings of underground metal. The track included on this 7”, entitled “Murder in the Dark,” is more aggressive and manic than much of the previous Doomed and Disgusting output. As such, it is perfectly suited for presentation with the Sadistik Exekution material despite the fact that the recordings are separated by more than 20 years. Of all the extreme underground metal bands to emerge from Australia, Sadistik Exekution was unquestionably among the most highly respected and generally depraved sounding.
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