Downwards - Ora Iso - Image Certifies LP

Article number: DNLP12
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Regis's Downwards label presents an album of heavy-hearted industrial songs from Ora Iso, making a kind of windswept, slowed-down, and gothic pop variant that's essential listening if you're into HTRK, Tropic Of Cancer, or Clay Rendering. Ora Iso are an NYC-hailing band revolving around Indonesian-Australian, Kathleen Malay and New Yorker, Jason Kudo. Weighing in their heavy, bleeding hearts on ten brittle dirges described by the band as "A love letter to a society dying of its own self-induced cancers", Ora Iso play to Downwards' most maudlin aspects with a sound that clearly resonates with their previous releases by Eyeless In Gaza or Tropic Of Cancer, but here blessed with a strung-out, unyielding, and lugubrious quality they can surely call their own. The blend of Kathleen Malay's stark, cracked, gothic vocals with Jason's Kudo's cranky as hell Vainio-esque instrumental backdrops is a perfect accompaniment to moments of introspection and misanthropy.
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