O’Shea, Michael - S/T LP

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AllChival present a reissue of Michael O'Shea's self-titled album, originally released on Wire's Dome Records imprint in 1982. Busker Michael O'Shea played a handmade instrument he called Mo Cara (Gaelic for “My Friend”), which was a combination of dulcimer, zelochord, and sitar, O'Shea would play it with a pair of chopsticks, striking the strings softly using Irish folk rhythms mixed with the rich, nostalgic sounds of the many Asian and North African artists he'd encountered on his travels in a mesmerizing and soulful new way. Turning up unannounced in the summer of 1981 at Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis's studio, the LP was recorded in a day. The 15-minute "No Journey's End," a hypnotic, emotive sonic landscape that envelops the listener, is the true centerpiece of this album. Essential.
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