Ideal Recordings - P-Orridge, Genesis & Carl Abrahamsson - Loyalty Does Not End With Death LP

Article number: IDEAL 187LP
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The first vinyl release between Carl Abrahamsson and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Loyalty Does Not End With Death is the final part of a spoken word trilogy initiated in 1990 with the Psychick TV & White Stains side At Stockholm, and proceeded by their Wordship album (2004) as Thee Majesty & Cotton Ferox electing to use their own names for this final part of a 30 year wide series, the duo intend Loyalty Does Not End With Death to be received without the connotations of their other projects. It's the sound of two cosmically-traveled minds crossing paths after a long time to chew over the bare essentials -- love and magick -- via vibrant poetry and beautifully charged forms of ambient music. In nine parts they conjure a warmly meditative music, where Abrahamsson's characteristic, playful tones, cut-up electronics, and gentle rhythms comfortably lay the bed for Genesis, who inhabits and enlivens the pristine scenes like an observant dark interpreter, translating the incomprehensible and revealing the divine through their psychedelic prism.
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