Harbinger Sound - Paul, John - No Filter LP

Article number: HARB 177LP
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"No Filter is the rightful extension of the Sleaford Mods idea in my opinion, but don't let that drive you into thinking this is some rehash. John Paul has, with the help of Rat and Steve Underwood, created a horrible account of modern forgotten England from the edge of his stool in the corner of the pub away from all the hard men he once ran with. It's the re-awakening of a mind trying to tune into truth and it's brutal. His wordplay and observations are near exceptional and at some points, and like all good music, it nearly devours itself as it tells musical convention to get fucked. The music too, is so fucking crap it's beautiful, like the mundane back ground music sent out from head office to all its pubs. No Filter has for me in some ways pushed the envelope of the Workers' Tale, the arrival into mid-life with its disgust for the old shit you did and the attitudes that came with all that. It's solid." --Jason Williamson (Sleaford Mods)
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