Dull Tools - Pill - The Dull Tools Tapes

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Out now for the first time on vinyl! The world first heard Pill on their self-titled cassette release on Dull Tools. And the world took note. Evan Minsker, writing for Pitchfork, says “they are loose with form, they pack in a lot of ideas, and they successfully deliver an emotionally complex narrative where joy is accompanied by an impossible-to-ignore undercurrent of danger. The band's debut outing is enigmatic—a Dull Tools record through and through—but it's also well crafted, full of stellar performances and unflinching lyrics.” The band then signed to Mexican Summer, releasing their debut LP. Shortly after, prolific in a way that has become a hallmark of Dull Tools artists, they release another cassette, 2017’s “Agressive Advertising”. If one thought the self-titled cassette couldn’t get more acerbic and confrontational, Agresstive Advertising proved them wrong. Now both releases are available on one LP.
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