Downwards - Regis - Necklace Of Bites 2xLP

Article number: DWN 003LP
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Necklace Of Bites is a vital volley of early Regis artillery sourced from 12"s issued by Downwards c. 1998-2000. Effectively a reshuffle of his 2000AD self-titled CD compilation of 12"-only cuts, it features his Jim Jones-sampling "Solution (Voice)" amid a ruck of prime, dark, and killer late '90s techno girders. Revolving definitively monotone and snaky templates for the Birmingham techno sound forged by Regis (alongside Surgeon, Female, Mick Harris, and Justin Broadrick), Necklace Of Bites is built in the driving, distorted, and highly utilitarian style that spilled out of Brum's Q Club in the mid '90s. Influenced as much by Jeff Mills's Axis and Purpose Maker 12"s and hard-ass Chicago house as original '80s industrial and post-punk, the dozen tracks epitomize Regis's signature distillation of proper, blue collar club sounds, made for those who like to play hard and all night, and as such they're future-proofed for use over 20 years later. Essential.
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