Ricky Hell & The Voidboys - L’Appel Du Vide LP

Article number: GWY-057
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Ricky Hell & The Voidboys are back with another dose of lo-fi gutter pop that is sure to infect both your turntable and ear holes with joy. Our friends over at Alt Citizen have shared the first single “Strychnine” from the brand new LP! “Ricky Hell & The Voidboys have stumbled on something delicious with the first single from their upcoming sophomore album L’Appel Du Vide (French for “the call of the void”), a tasty throwback to the alternative sounds of the mid-1980s. High, chiming guitars filtered through a wall of hazy static. Flat, workman like percussion. A bassline that exists less like actual sound and more like a suggestion urging you to dance just a little, but not too much. All the necessary ingredients are present and accounted for in their proper amounts.” – Alt Citizen
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