Nuclear War Now! Productions - Sabbat - Disembody 2xLP

Article number: ANTI-GOTH 436
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By 1993, Sabbat had already been active under that name for eight years and previously for four more under other aliases. That year marked the release of the Japanese “Blacking Metal” cult’s third album, “Disembody,” which followed “Envenom” and “Evoke” from 1991 and 1992, respectively. This third full-length further solidified the status and chemistry of the three members first fully united on the preceding album, who would remain together for twelve more years, a span during which they would release five more full-lengths and countless other live, split and EP releases. Unlike much of the black metal world, which by 1993 had shifted its attention and tendencies to the sound that was emanating from the Norwegian scene, Sabbat remained true to the essence of first-wave black metal as established by its originators in Venom and others like Sodom. Absolutely essential.
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