Nuclear War Now! Productions - Sabbat - Envenom 2xLP

Article number: ANTI-GOTH 382
Quantity: 1
The classic debut album from the longest running Black Metal band from Japan once again reissued on glorious vinyl! Originally released on CD by Evil Records in 1991, “Envenom” represented the culmination of work and dedication to the band’s craft that founding members Gezol and Elizaveat had initiated in the early 1980s and carried through multiple band name and lineup changes over the course of nearly a decade. With the goal of maximizing the sound quality for an album of this length, the track order was rearranged by Gezol himself in order to be pressed on three sides of a double-LP. The fourth side of the vinyl boasts a screen-printed image of the same iconic Elizaveatian artwork that also adorns the cover. Essential.
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