Profound Lore - Sanguine Eagle - Storm Mysticism LP

Article number: PFL 226
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Sanguine Eagle is black metal in its purest essence; trendless, unyielding, and played with absolute conviction. The compositions are marked as much by resolute, stoic, patience as by staggering violence, never pandering to the weakminded and eschewing any shred of the puerile amusement rife in a genre so pilfered by dilettantes. “Storm Mysticism” was written initially and serves as a declaration of intent; displaying the sprawling ambience and storming black metal that defines their craft, as well as establishing the band’s conceptual path; numinous struggle elevated to a surmounting triumph, as reflected by the title. Sanguine Eagle are proud luminaries of the House of First Light. This is black metal as spiritual war.
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