Hospital Productions - Silent Servant - Shadows Of Death And Desire LP

Article number: HOS-613LP
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Now-legendary producer, DJ, and art director Juan Mendez arguably reset techno at least twice. Once with his surreal and Europe-by-way-of-LA '80s apocalypse culture aesthetics for Sandwell District, and again--as Silent Servant--with his “Jealous God" imprint that captured the youth-driven mutation of crossover electronics and dark parties churning in the American underground, which followed directly in the wake of his game-changing modern classic, Negative Fascination. Mendez has evolved to more aggressive and stripped-down acid punk electro dance attacks on Silent Servant's equally vital follow-up, Shadows of Death and Desire. While many would stall after the success of a now contemporary cult classic, Mendez took his time to deliver a more raw--yet refined--brutalism in his second album. Shadows of Death and Desire sets the standard in electronic post-punk. Expertly mixed and mastered by Josh Eustis. Designed by Silent Editions.
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