Hospital Productions - Skin Crime - Traveller On The Road LP

Article number: HOS 648LP
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Regarded by Dominik Fernow as the "best US noise project in terms of texture and composition", Skin Crime return to Hospital Productions with an immanent inversion of noise convention exploring ideas of tense, slow-burn patience instead of aggressive intensity. Brutally active between the early '90s and mid '00s, Skin Crime took a 12-year hiatus until 2016 and the bloodshed of their instantly sold-out, 20CD boxset of archival material. Following that same year’s Ghosts I Have Been, Traveller On The Road continues the band’s fascination with Japanese mythology and ghost stories to create an inspired dark ambient/industrial shadow play. A missing link between Kevin Drumm, Painjerk, and Mika Vainio, or even Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement and Meitei.
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