Roachleg Records - Spike - Evil Incarnate 7” Flexi

Article number: U-04
Quantity: 3
Spike is the new MLHC (Missing Link Hard Core) project of former Urchin vocalist/Roachleg labelhead “Della” and compatriot “Sanchez.” Spike takes the Shitlickers/Anti-Cimex blueprint of Urchin and injects it with the spirit and sound of classic Japanese metallic hardcore a la Zouo or A.T. Det, only in a far more primitive and inept manner that even invokes, as wild as this sounds, the idiot stomp vibes of Ildjarn. What we have is a flexi that captures the true spirit of hardcore’s priomordial ooze era almost flawlessly. Strictly limited to 300 copies. Highly recommended! -Adam
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