Stalin, The - Stalinism Naked = スターリニズム・ネイキッド CD

Article number: WC-093
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Stalinism Naked is a beautifully re-done reissue of the legendary Japanese punk band The Stalin’s 1987 album compiling their early indies material: the 電動こけし / 肉 7” flexi, the スターリニズム 7”, “Chicken Farm Chicken” from the Welcome to 1984 compilation LP, their tracks from the Fish Inn bonus flexi, and a song from Last Live. From what I understand, this was released as a benefit to help pay for frontman Michiro Endo’s medical costs. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after the release of this collection at the age of 68 from pancreatic cancer. Still, Stalinism Naked only further immortalizes the most important Japanese punk frontman. Essential.
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