Super Wings ‎- My Love Is For You LP

Article number: CXL 2011
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Super Wings was an offshoot of the original The Wings, which was a child of circumstance born as a result of the Nigeria-Biafra war and was the official band of the Biafra Air Force, originally called the ”BAF WINGS.” With three successful singles and an LP to their credit, the way to stardom seemed within reach. Having wrapped up an engagement at Akuma on the night of Dec 27th, 1974, various members of the band set out for Aba the following morning in in a car that was involved in a fatal accident at Azara-Obiato. The surviving band members then split into two factions, one of which became Super Wings, who released two excellent albums of psychedelic rock that sits alongside much of the classic psych output of the time of that part of Africa. This is a limited reissue of only 250 copies of their second and best LP, My Love Is For You. Highly recommended!
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