Surgeon - Luminosity Device 2xLP

Article number: DTR 004LP
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Surgeon's new full-length, Luminosity Device, takes Bardo Thödol -- the Tibetan Book of the Dead -- as a starting point for a rhythmic journey into those interstitial spaces where body, mind, and soul no longer seem like distinct categories. It has the potential to turn anything from a club visit to a train commute into a collision with the otherworldly. Since the 1990s, Anthony Child has been one of the most consistent and pivotal electronic music producers to use that craft as a tool for achieving transcendence. His technical precision and clarity of creative vision have resulted in a highly influential form of techno-mesmerism documented in exhaustive live sets and incisive studio recordings. The LP bristles with energy from the start and is equally suited for dancefloor abandon and spiritual searching.
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