Nuclear War Now! Productions - Syphilitic Vaginas - Complete Studio Collection 2xLP

Article number: ANTI-GOTH 433
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Although Syphilitic Vaginas has produced two full-length albums in its thirteen-year history, it is probably most recognized for the much more prolific number of EPs and split recordings that it has released during that time. Five of the earliest of these recordings, along with eight previously-unreleased tracks, were first compiled and released in 2008 on CD format by Rescued from Life Records in a collection entitled “Complete Studio Recordings.” This same compilation of destructive metal punk mayhem is now hereby released for the first time on vinyl DLP format, courtesy of Nuclear War Now! Productions. These thirty-five tracks perfectly distill into a single release Syphilitic Vagina’s dedication to a blend of sleazy and decadent sinvocations that rival those of the Japanese masters that the band admires most. Essential.
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