K7 - Takada, Midori & Lafawndah - Le Renard Bleu LP

Article number: KENZ 001LP
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Le Renard Bleu is musical and cinematic collaboration between Lafawndah and composer Midori Takada, and filmmaker Partel Oliva. It marks the first new music released by Takada in nearly twenty years. Her first solo record, 1983's Through The Looking Glass, has been rediscovered and heralded as a lost classic. Equally, it is Lafawndah's freedom of tone, decentralized maps of ancient and modern music cultures, and alloying of devotional intensity with modern songcraft casts her as a distinct relative of Midori Takada's. The music of Renard Bleu originated in Takada's preoccupation with the legend of the fox; after constructing a vivid instrumental composition dramatizing the spirit animal's journeys through waterphone, bells, marimba, and various forms of drums, Lafawndah responded -- in her inimitable mix of fairytale and undertow -- with melodies and lyrics capturing a dialogue between her and the fox himself.
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