Tim & The Boys - Growing LP

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On their first LP ‘Growing,’ Sydney’s Tim & The Boys search for the grotesque in pop culture and re-fashion it through a distorted lens. Drum-machine controlled garage jams disintegrate at the seams as Spice Girls lyrics are stolen, Gary Glitter walks the streets, and Cat Stevens and Anastacia make cameos in a world of weird, rugged, danceable charm. In the vein of Perverts Again or Ausmuteants, they sit right at the edge of pop and punk, somewhere between satire and accusation, and give little away that might help you pick a side. Like Devo without the costumes, Country Teasers without the hate speech, Big Black without the whiny gear nerd at the front, and Black Randy without the repulsive back story, Tim & The Boys toy with form, style and structure to deliver a record that refuses to be pigeonholed.
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