Rock 'N Roll Parasite - V/A - Destroy All Art Volume 2 LP

Article number: Rock 'N Roll Parasite ‎– #2
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The second volume of a series dedicated to uncovering lost or never-known punk rock’n roll 7” singles of the 1990’s. Volume One was released in 2016 to great acclaim and rave reviews, and this second volume continues digging out only thee best 90s punk rock singles, rescued from neglected bargain bins worldwide. 17 tracks from the likes of the Disasternauts, Nubees, Splayed Innards, Spin Age Blasters, Babysitters Club, Fabulous Organ Donors, and other “never-were’s”, released during a Golden Era of 7” singles unknowingly subsidized by Kinko’s (thanks for all the free 7” pic sleeves!). These records may have initially vanished into a turgid sea of indie crud, but Rock ‘N Roll Parasite is glad to provide the public service of exposing these discs with an eye towards their achieving the “cult classic” status they deserve, by troddingthe path of bootlegging scum in the vein of the Killed By Death/Bloodstains compilations. Authorized by the bands, limited edition vinyl-only LP. Highly recommended!
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