Hospital Productions - Vatican Shadow - Washington Buries Al Qaeda Leader At Sea 2xLP

Article number: HOS 642LP
Quantity: 3
An exclusive and outstanding Regis collaboration appears on the third volume of vinyl premieres for Vatican Shadow's early and highly sought-after tapes, as originally dispensed in 2011 during the peak years of the War On Terror. Holding all six sides from 3x hard-to-find tape "deck" issues of Washington Buries Al Qaeda Leader At Sea, plus the previously digital-only track "He Ambled Down The Dirt Road For Visits To A Market" and the aforementioned Regis exclusive; the third instalment of the series definitively compiles Vatican Shadow's impressionistic take on a turning point in 21st century U.S. geopolitics. With original tapes selling for triple figures on the second-hand market, this expanded definitive double-LP edition is unmissable for anyone with their head in the belly of modern electronic gloom. Highly recommended.
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