Iron Bonehead Productions - Volahn/Xaxamatza - Gods Of Pandemonium 7” (Picture Disc)

Article number: IBP382PIC
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After two years of slumber, The Black Twilight Circle has awakened, and its done so with fury. Before the first night of this new year had gone, Gods of Pandemonium descended upon us. Helmed by BTC patriarch Eduardo Ramirez, title track “Gods of Pandemonium” reaffirms what some may have forgotten in his absence; Volahn is the premier voice of the underground. Emptying his repertoire, the track seizes the essence of Ramirez’s inspirations – Sarcofago’s subhuman battering, Vlad Tepes entrancing mysticism, and the downright superiority of Emperor’s grandiosity – and assimilates them into his own deviant sound. Xaxamatza - the newest heirs of The Black Twilight Circle legacy - have even more to prove. “In The Form of Pyramids and with Languages of Fire” is ornate, but substantial. It radiates wintry ambience, enveloping a moonlit landscape in blizzardous beauty that’s treacherous as it is gorgeous. It’s an amazingly developed and dynamic piece, valuing nuance and chaos in equal measure. With two spellbinding tracks, Gods of Pandemonium would turn even the most stubborn of infidels into the most ardent of worshippers.
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