Bureau B - Von Deyen, Adelbert - Atmosphere LP

Article number: BB 239LP
Quantity: 1
Bureau B present a reissue of Adelbert Von Deyen's third album Atmosphere, originally released in 1980. Album number three from electronic musician Adelbert Von Deyen marks the end of his ambient phase. Whilst Atmosphere largely swathes listeners in familiarly vast expanses of sound, the driving analog drums of the opening track (Von Deyen's most successful, as it turned out) signal a shift towards electro-kraut terrain. Atmosphere showcases Adelbert Von Deyen at the peak of his powers. If Adelbert Von Deyen's first two albums saw him strive for artistic and financial independence, Atmosphere marked the beginning of a metamorphosis. Atmosphere is still in the sphere of ambient electronica, but the first two tracks are indicative of a clear shift towards krautrock or electronic rock.
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