Wharf Cat - Honey - New Moody Judy LP

Article number: WCR 074
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Honey’s sophomore LP New Moody Judy builds on their debut's “hard edged slice of rock noise” to create an album full of the pummel and swing, rave-ups and comedowns, and ferocious riffs and rhythms previously known only to those who have witnessed the power-trio's live set. Equal parts concision and brute heaviness, this is the sound of perfect rock and roll music - music that's always on the edge of spinning out of control. From the first single, the pugnacious “Dream Come Now,” a barnstormer every bit as fiery as the album artwork, to the tight jam giving way to a thrilling cascade of riffs that fuel the rush of ‘Hungry,’ NYC’s Honey give everything to the music on this release to deliver their most sonically diverse effort to date. As thematically cerebral as it is musically visceral, New Moody Judy is one of the rare albums that offers as much brain fodder for the lit majors as it does instant gratification for the guitar-heads. Amazing artwork by Somer Stampley!
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