Wharf Cat - Palberta/No One And The Somebodies - Chips For Dinner LP

Article number: WCR 059
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Born in the kitchen of some stranger's house and conceived of over many bowls of pasta and lentils, Chips for Dinner is the gurgling brainchild of New York's weirdest. Palberta and No One And The Somebodies (NOATS) feel right at home together, joyously dishing out sonic absurdities and displaying a clear mutual influence on each other's work. Four brothers from Westchester County and three thick-as-thieves friends living in the Hudson Valley have concocted a real musical treat for all lovers of the playful and strange. As a full package, Chips for Dinner sounds like a celebration of all the quirks that exist within a tight knit friendship, a testament to post-rehearsal snack sessions, and a record that is as fun to listen to as it surely was to make.
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