Worth = Slow Hell CS

Article number: LITF 03
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"The third-installment of Lost In The Flood is Worth, the latest project of Providence, Rhode Island's William Van Gorder; one of the artists whose output has helped forge the new American Noise tradition over the past decade plus. Van Gorder is also responsible for the projects Other People's Children and the acclaimed Weak Sisters, an exercise in maximal minimalism with short brutal pieces performed often with only no-input mixer and octave pedal. Worth is his most realized project to date, painfully anxious electronics that become slabs of compromised sound with a dedication to texture unmatched by most active noise artists today. Slow Hell was recorded with consideration "for the deterioration of the numerical aspects of bodies", and this decaying sense of self will be left imprinted on anyone who endures the 27 minute experience of these 5 pieces. Not for casual listening, not for the uninformed." - Matt Boettke
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