XL - Yorke, Thom - Suspiria 2xLP

Article number: XL936LP
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Thom Yorke's first film score, all original music, written for Luca Guadagnino's new feature film, Suspiria. Yorke has recorded an 81-minute grab bag of witching-hour instrumentals, strange grunts ‘n’ gurgles, creepy monk chants — and, every so often, a drop-dead gorgeous song. “Suspirium” is a radium-glow piano ballad that would have fit in nicely on Radiohead’s most recent album; the jazzy soul of “Unmade” and the trip-hop shiver of “Has Ended” are even more surprising, carrying welcome echoes of Yorke and co.’s brilliant Amnesiac-era B-sides.
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