Ajna Offensive - Idehall, Michael - House Of Flames Book/LP

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68 page hardback book, 12" x 12" format, bound in red cloth with gold foil stamping, black end-papers, 2 color printing on glossy pages with a CD mounted onto the back inside board. Limited to 86 copies. Michael Idehall has been creating for the public's eye since 2003 over which time he has participated in original scores for theatre and video, been involved with solo and group art exhibitions, performed and released music via several Swedish publishing houses and has had his writings published by the likes of Belzebez, Aeon Sophia Press and Scarlet Imprint. Themes recurrent in his works include Draconian Alchemy, Qliphothic Qabalah and Initiatory Necromancy. The Sorcery of Sound. Of Word. Of Self.
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