Ajna Offensive - V/A - Tliltic Tlapoyauak 3xLP Box

Article number: FLAME80
"TLILTIC TLAPOYAUAK is now let loose upon a perhaps-unprepared world in its most perfected state, with a 20-page booklet in five-color printing and remastered sound by Arthur Rizk at Solomon's Gate (Inquisition, Power Trip). Hypnotic and hysteric, swirling and cacophonous, stretching to infinity and beyond, TLILTIC TLAPOYAUAK comprises two hours of Black Twilight Circle madness 'n' mania, each exclusive track a sonic spell that opens a new eye and even newer possibility. In addition to the aforementioned hordes, a whole host of new ones - Blood Play, Cempopoloah, In Lakech Ala Kin, and Acualli among others - are unveiled, once again proving that this collective's vision continues to be boundless and daring but ever obedient to black metal's eternal tenets. Taken together, TLILTIC TLAPOYAUAK serves as the Year Zero foundation for the Black Twilight Circle to spread its influence beyond the underground."
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