Amish Records - Dwinell, M - Golden Ratio LP

Article number: AMI-036
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Volume six in Amish’s Required Wreckers LP series, M DWINELL’s (FORMA, BRIGHT) Golden Ratio offers the only documentation of his just intonation organ work, recorded between 2007 and 2008. Golden Ratio focuses exclusively on a natural tuning system generated from the harmonic series. By precise control of his instrument’s tuning, Dwinell sets into moton a dynamic musical system of pressure, intenstiy and calm. Golden Ratio incorporates both static pulsing drones and heavily arpeggiated passages, culminating in melodic lines that epitomize Dwinell’s unique musical vocabulary as developed over the past twenty years. Features a 16-page booklet of RICCI ALBENDA’s artwork. Edition of 300 copies.
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