Iron Bonehead Productions - Cadaveric Incubator/Axeslaughter - Split 7”

Article number: IBP A/CI
Quantity: 2
First up, Axeslaughter who come out of the gates in full Celtic Frost-worship mode with opener 'Primordial New Age Dream'. Pulsating and throbbing in first wave black metal throes, they even throw in some 'haunting' background vocals like their heroes, albeit a little off-kilter in this case. Second track 'Dungeon Of Metal' goes all death/thrash for an enjoyable two minutes that sounds like debut-era Kreator gone death metal. Eight minutes of well executed extremism. Cadaveric Incubator come across as the more original of these two Finnish acts, going deathgrind for their opener 'Contaminated Blood'. Blisteringly fast, the guitars are placed up front for that lovely bestial feel. Second track 'Necroterrestial' starts out the same way, but quickly transforms into a trudging doom-laden stomp of a conclusion. Topping it off, the vocals are of the indecipherable, guttural utterances of your local sewer dweller, adding to the overall filthy ambiance.
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