Dark Descent - Crypts Of Eternity - Issue VI

Article number: issue vi
Quantity: 1
Interviews with: Lantern, Domains, Poisonous, Evoked Terror, Ancient Crypts, Ascended Dead, Cadaveric Fumes, Compilation of Death zine, Nauseous Surgery, Derketa, Phantasm, Innumerable Forms, Diabolical Messiah, Rotting Flesh, Mortem/Pentacle split intie, Obliteration, Evil Damn/Disinter, Nuclear Abominations zine/label, Eminent Shadow, Deathevokation, Scolex, Unholy Domain Prod. Special reports with: Skelethal, Unholy Lust and Inoculation. Also included, a Greek Death Metal report written by Isaak Insulter, reviews and more.
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