Hardcore Victim - Ferocious X/Sistema En Decadencia - Värld Av Skit 7”

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CRASHER NOISE MANGEL SPLIT EP released in accordance with the joint Australian tour by FERICIOUS X of Osaka Japan and SYSTEMA EN DECADENCIA of Australia! Contains two completely unreleased new songs from both bands. FEROCIOUS X has 2 tracks of moldy, raw noise, destructive Raw hardcore, cluster, mangel, and D-BEAT! SISTEMA EN DECADENCIA Absolutely ferocious recording from Melbourne's SISTEMA EN DECADENCIA! explosive and raw d-beat punk building on the foundation laid down by Sweden's SHITLICKERS, and expanded on by Japanese groups such as FRIGORA and FEROCIOUS X. Blistering drumming combined with a wall of noise guitar and frantic vocals deliver a pummeling assault on the senses. Complete sonic destruction.
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