Nuclear War Now! Productions - Goatlord - The Last Sodomy Of Mary LP

Article number: ANTI-GOTH 057
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Prior to their disbandment following the fateful west coast tour, the legendary Goatlord had begun writing and rehearsing new material that was intended to serve as the foundation for a follow-up to their debut album. Seven of these tracks were recorded at different stages of their development and serve to document the final chapter of the band's history. These recordings clearly demonstrate the band's intention to return more to the sound that was present on their first recording, “Demo '87.” Tempos on newer songs such as “Gargoyle King” and “Strange Burial” range from mid- to fast-paced, and gone are the nine-minute-plus, doom-laden passages that were displayed prominently on the “Sodomize the Goat” demo and, to a somewhat lesser extent, on “Reflections of the Solstice” (aka “Goatlord”). “The Last Sodomy of Mary” is a collection of both the earliest and last of the band's recordings and represents both the first and final nails in the coffin of a band's whose undead presence will forever outlast its short-lived active existence.
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