Dark Entries - Helen - Witch/Zanzibar 12”

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Dark Entries Editions reissue series continues with a double A-side of the first two HELEN maxi singles, “Witch” and “Zanzibar,” as a 4-song EP. Helen was an Italo disco studio project that consisted of various producers, songwriters, and vocalists from Italy in the 1980s. The first line-up included popular Italo producers PIERO CAIRO and MASSIMO NOE, known for their work with Joe Yellow, Den Harrow, Pink Project, and Dharma to name a few. They were joined by prolific Italo session vocalist ELENA FERRETTI. “Witch” was originally released in 1983 on Out Records, a label distributed by Discomagic Records. Signature Linndrum and Simmons drums create the driving rhythm track while Elena’s powerful vocals tell the haunted tale of a witch and her magic. In 1985 the second incarnation of Helen recorded the song “Zanzibar.” One of the finest singles of its time and completely essential!
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