Nuclear War Now! Productions - Imperator - The Time Before Time LP + 7”

Article number: ANTI-GOTH 435
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Polish band Imperator were among the fastest, most brutal and uncompromising act to emerge from the Eastern Bloc in the 80s/early 90s. During this time, band leader Bariel had developed a friendship with both Dead and Euronymous from Mayhem (Norway), which serves as a testament to the admiration the band had begun to garner in Europe despite its relative obscurity. In fact, Bariel was invited to play in another of Dead’s bands, The Moon, and Euronymous offered to release Imperator’s first full-length recording on his infamous Deathlike Silence label. However, undisclosed circumstances led to the unfulfillment of this plan, and the lone Imperator album, “The Time Before Time,” was instead released in 1991 by a small Polish label named Faceless Productions and, ultimately, languished in obscurity…until now. Highly reocmmended!
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