NNA - Hubble - Hubble Eagle LP

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NNA is thrilled to bring you “Hubble Eagle”, the latest full-length from Ben Greenberg’s Hubble project. Having cut his teeth in numerous bands such as Pygmy Shrews, Zs, and most recently with The Men, Greenberg has been fostering and cultivating his own unique reexamination of the the guitar as an instrument, resulting in a minimalist and truly psychedelic whirlwind of notes, first displayed on his debut release “Hubble Linger” on NNA in 2011. Since then, the Hubble sound has matured and expanded, taking in new ideas and influences while still retaining the rock and roll hypnotism of it’s “one man and his guitar” rawness. On “Hubble Eagle” we hear Greenberg launching his guitar mantra even further into uncharted territory.
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