Nuclear War Now! Productions - Order From Chaos - Frozen In Steel 9LP Box Set

Article number: ANTI-GOTH 183
The most essential boxset in Black/Death Metal. Nuclear War Now Productions presents all of Order From Chaos' recorded output—two full-lengths and a slew of demos and EP's—over nine LP's in an extremely lavish casewrapped box bound in black cloth and gold foil stamped on all sides. This set also includes a hardbound book (also casewrapped in cloth with gold foil stamps) and a double-sided A2 poster. “When it comes to the worldwide scene of underground Metal,” says Jon Metalion (Slayer Magazine), “there were more than a few examples of bands that, like Order From Chaos, really had something extraordinary to offer and fell under the radar for most people.” Here is your chance to experience and worship the greatest band to come out of the American metal underground.
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