Blackest Ever Black - Ossia - Devil’s Dance 2xLP

Article number: BLACKEST 075LP
Quantity: 1
Part of the Young Echo crew, Ossia presents Devil's Dance. Heavy-weather, beyond-good-and-evil sound system poetics, channeling raw and rootical techno, isolationist abstraction, and dub at its most turbulent and raw-nerved and space-time-warping. New worlds ahead... Equal parts tuff, tail-thrashing dancehall pressure -- see "Hell Dub" -- and art-of-darkness ambience and introspection, culminating in the slow-burning, third-eye-opening 23-minute dream weapon, "Vertigo". Devil's Dance shares DNA with Bristol's sullen masterpieces, from blunted '90s street-soul/hip-hop to sub-loaded dubstep. Ossia also draws from his own idiosyncratic well of influences: grime, jazz, steppers, dub, post-punk, industrial abrasion, and concrète minimalism. In the end, what you're witnessing, and experiencing vicariously, is a purging, an exorcism: find the devil, dance with the devil... and then chase, chase, chase him out of the earth.
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