Nuclear War Now! Productions - Witches Hammer - Canadian Speed Metal LP

Article number: ANTI-GOTH 012
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As a product of the storied extreme metal scene of British Columbia, Witches Hammer predated other bands from the area who later attained greater recognition and notoriety. Regardless of its more obscure status, this evil speed metal outfit laid the foundation upon which the infamous Ross Bay Cult would be built. In 1985, Witches Hammer recorded its first, self-titled demo at the famed Fiasco Bros. Studio in New Westminster, BC. Although Fiasco Bros. is more widely known as the site of Blasphemy’s most legendary recordings, Witches Hammer was the first extreme metal band to utilize the studio. The following year, the band returned to the very same studio to record a second demo simply titled “Demo 87”, which included five new tracks in addition to a re-recording of “Gorgon,” which also originally appeared on the first demo. This second recording also featured more complex songwriting, clearer production, and improved instrumentation in comparison to the first. As it first did in 2003, Nuclear War Now! is proud to present both of these demos in a single LP compilation entitled “Canadian Speed Metal.”
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