Nuclear War Now! Productions - Witches Hammer - Stretching Into Infinity LP

Article number: ANTI-GOTH 036
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Regardless of its more obscure status, this evil speed metal outfit laid the foundation upon which the infamous Ross Bay Cult would be built. While toiling in the relative obscurity of an underground scene in British Colombia as its first extreme metal band, Witches Hammer self-produced two demos of evil speed metal in the mid-1980s. Following the second demo, a local label by the name of Subversive Productions released a Witcher Hammer 12”. In 1988, Witches Hammer returned to the studio to record what it had planned to be its debut full-length album. A total of twelve tracks were recorded, including nine tracks that had been previously recorded for prior releases and three brand-new songs – “Inner Sanctum,” Stretching into Infinity,” and “Captain Breakdown” – which collectively were indicative of the band’s continued progression. As fate would have it, however, the album was never released as originally intended, but they are now collected here on this LP. Highly recommended!
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